Tarotscopes for June 23-29

Can you be selfish with me this week? It’s my goal to be very very very selfish. I’m going to spread joy to everyone because it brings me joy. See? SELFISH!

So, I declare the week of June 23-June 29 to be SELFISH JOY SEEKERS week. Are you in? Leave a comment if you are and share this post to let your friends know. We should probably warn them that we aren’t going to go easy on them.

This means JOY, y’all. Joy for all because it brings us joy. Go selfish joy seeker, go!


  • AQUARIUS King of Swords Let your ideas free you rather than box you in. Growth happens faster when you let your mind soar. Ruts are for those who follow others.
  • PISCES Empress Birth. Fertility. Abundance. Release expectations to increase. You can bring forth inner wealth by nurturing yourslf and others.
  • ARIES Four of Wands The work towards stability needs your focus. May seem a long way off. Pause to appreciate how far you’ve come. Then resume.
  • TAURUS Knight of Pentacles Can seem like a struggle, this being budget-wise. But you are building your own future. your garden grows when you work it.
  • GEMINI Two of Cups When you drink deeply from another’s cup, you learn. Strengthen emotional connections by letting them also drink from yours.
  • CANCER Ten of Swords When they all seem to be cutting away at you, remember you can step away. Trust only those who have proven themselves. Stand up.
  • LEO Eight of Wands Got a river that needs crossing? Try jumping instead of swimming. Unusual approaches get you over seeming obstacles. MOVE.
  • VIRGO Tower Bad news? BOOM! Good news? Emotional upheaval brings you to a new phase of building. Let it come down now so you can build.
  • LIBRA Knight of Wands Movement inevitable because your true passion calls. Follow your heart’s calling. Far horizons call. Stop waiting.
  • SCORPIO King of Wands Yes, you actually can believe it into being. Rule your energy if you would rule your world. Intense focus eliminates the unnecessary.
  • SAGITTARIUS Queen of Pentacles It can be lonely. Are you reaching out to the community you want? Don’t settle. Don’t allow weeds in your personal garden.
  • CAPRICORN Four of Pentacles Money spent for future growth is necessary. May be a pinch right now, but increase savings. Magic tricks wit money are your forte!

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