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I’ve mentioned the Maori Oracle (Schiffer Books) by P.A. Minnell before. I did this video review last week or so. In that review, I laughed about a card that leapt out of the group I’d chosen to talk about. I said she didn’t want to be seen.

Well, I’ve been pulled to this oracle a lot but haven’t done anything with it. I finally took some time to be quiet. The way to do the reading is really very sacred. I shuffled. I cut. I let each stack tell me which basket it was.

When I turned the third basket up, I knew what card was there. Not guessed. Not supposed. Knew in that deep, bone-tingling way. KNEW.

Then when I thought about how I would share this post, I got told in no uncertain terms that this card did not want to be shown. So you will see one card face down. I’ve learned to respect those feelings. The subsequent 2×4 when I ignore them is very unpleasant.

For the first basket, the physical world, I drew Ko. It makes me want to go dig things up. I feel like it is asking me to connect with my physical body in a more conscious way. I look at the book and am told that Ko is a digging stick. “Nothing happened in the gardens without the turning of the soil with Ko.” Shiver.

The second basket, (and I’m condensing this a lot) is emotional self. Well it’s more. It’s what we should be doing to stay on the right path. I drew Papaka. This card makes me think I should be focused on my home and surroundings. I am drawing that from the astrological meaning of Cancer. I also get a sense of protection. I look to the book to learn that Papaka represents a renewal, a new beginning. I take that as me renewing my joy seeking. Sometimes it seems I’ve strayed from that because of the back issue.

The third basket represents concealed knowledge. I am laughing as I write this because the card that won’t be seen can be thought of as concealed knowledge in this sense.

The reading spoke to me in a very concrete way. This deck, y’all? This deck stirs something in me that I can’t quite pinpoint. It’s almost familiar to me when it shouldn’t be. I am very moved by the way this deck feels in my hands.

Yeah, weird. Me. 😀 I own it. I rock weird in fact.

So how about you tell me about a time when you had knowledge of something you couldn’t possibly have known. Deja vu? Premonitions? Let’s talk psychic woo-woo, baby.

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

Maori Oracle, P.A. Minnell, Schiffer Books, 2013 [aff]

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