Oh, Get Filled!

Housewives_1CupsToday’s card reminds me that too often I look for others to fill me up. I forget that the best judge of what I need is usually me.

I say usually because there are times when certain people can ask me if I’ve lost my damned mine or if I just think career suicide is the way to go.

That’s generally right after I’ve told them how I plan to tell someone off at work. 😐

Yeah, not a good thing.

Luckily where I work now is, for the most part, a great place. Like all jobs, it has those things (and people) I’d rather not have to deal with.

But let’s get back to that cup.

Is it completely empty or is it ready to be filled up?

For me, the Ace of Cups is a sign that my client is ready for emotional fulfillment. Someone is waiting for them to give them the signal.

How often have you needed a refill at a restaurant? Wasn’t it just natural to hold your glass up so someone would recognize your need?

How hard is it to hold your metaphorical glass up? How hard is it to know that glass will be filled?

More…how hard is it not to fill that cup with bitter wine (whine works too) dwelling on what you don’t have and what you can’t get and what isn’t falling into place.

Imagine the Universe is standing by with a pitcher of joy.

A full cup can’t be filled.

Don’t fill your cup with bitterness and negativity.

Stay open to the idea that joy is not just coming.

It’s here.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Ace of Cups, Housewives Tarot, Quirk 2004 [aff]

One thought on “Oh, Get Filled!”

  1. Opening to the joy that is waiting if we’ll just let it in, lovely interpretation of this card! Begs the question, how do I empty my cup of the bitter w(h)ine. By turning off the tap, so that it doesn’t keep dripping in…

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