Tarotscopes for June 9-15, 2013

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  • AQUARIUS Five of Wands Some obstacles are there so you can prove to yourself how much you can overcome. Joy, right? But seriously! OVERCOME OBJECTIONS!
  • PISCES FOOL Oh yeah! Time to take a few risks. Time to trust in the Universe. Time to GO FOR IT. Ready? Set. GO! Believe in your dream.

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  • ARIES Knight of Swords It may be a go-where-the-wind-blows week. Let your mind go on beautiful journeys even if your body has to stay home.
  • TAURUS Death Time to make changes to habits/thoughts/lifestyles that don’t nourish you. Stop making excuses. Start making changes. NOW.

Today’s deck? The Dream Raven Tarot With pretty colors, these intense cards from Schiffer Books are a knockout!

  • GEMINI Three of Swords Careful your thoughts don’t mess up an emotional connection. Check yourself. Are you looking for the worst? Try working it out first.
  • CANCER Two of Swords Time to make that decision. Ignoring it will NOT make it resolve itself. You must engage your brain. Mediation may be best.

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  • LEO Four of Cups Longing for someone who has long been gone wastes your emotional resources. Stop with the wanting. Start with the loving what you have.
  • VIRGO Eight of Cups Well, baby, you do have an emotional hill to climb. Trust issues are hard but your star is waiting. Battle those old fears to win.

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  • LIB Four of Pentacles Money isn’t magic. You have to do the work to make the bucks. BUT you will find the work finds you this wk. Be available. Be willing.
  • SCORPIO King of Cups Some emotional secrets are meant to be kept. Don’t divulge too much. Your heart’s desire should be protected for now.

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  • SAGITTARIUS Three of Pentacles Put it into action. Make it happen. You will need others on-board. Seek like minds who understand how to expand. Innovation.
  • CAPRICORN Six of Cups Oh yeah baby! Great week to look up old pals. Make coffee dates to reminisce. Long lost “how the hell are you” ‘s imminent.
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