Do You Fly Into Mudbanks?

MaoriOracle_Kekerewai001Today’s card is not a Tarot card. It is from a new oracle that honors a specific way of life. I’ve specifically chosen this card because it’s a reminder I need today.

You see, I’ve been suffering (and making everyone around me suffer along with me) from a back issue. I’m going to have an MRI done. The procedure includes an iodine injection. I’m not sure why but it amps up my stress. I’m already a basket case because of the MRI. I’m extremely claustrophobic.

So in addition to the pain (which makes me cranky), I’ve been allowing that stress of the coming MRI to just send me into the stratosphere. Add to that the muscle relaxer that I’m only taking when I must, and you have a really moody joy seeker. REALLY FREAKING MOODY. It’s a wonder anyone talks to me at all right now. LOL

Because of the stress, I took a day off from my 40hr a week job. I relaxed and did some video reviews. One of them was for this deck[aff]. You can see that here –> <–

As I looked at the cards, I pulled the ones that visually interested me. One was this card. I laughed when I read the meaning.

“Some of your ways may be keeping you where you don’t want to be.”

Yah thanks Universe. I didn’t want that slap upside the noggin but I certainly deserved it and needed it.

I am, as my grandmother would remind me, borrowing trouble. I don’t KNOW that the MRI will be bad. I THINK it will be. I IMAGINE it will be.

I’m creating my own 9 of Swords anxiety-ridden, tail-chasing vortex of fear.


So I must not be this little Maori beetle. Because it refuses to change its flight path, it often flew into mud banks which allowed it to be caught and eaten.

Uh, yeah…I get it. I get it.

Change my view. Change my position. Change my thinking.

I’m on it, Universe.

Today’s mantra is…

“Today I am focused on learning new ways of finding joy. I discard outmoded ways of thinking that emphasize negativity. I embrace seeing life in the most positive ways. I breathe in. I breathe out. I love. I am loved. I understand that pain is my body’s cry for help. I will honor my body by seeking that help. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.”

Kekerewai, Maori Oracle[aff], Schiffer 2013

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6 thoughts on “Do You Fly Into Mudbanks?”

  1. I’m familiar with back issues 🙂 Having a contrast MRI is good to see if anything needs fixing. I’ve had surgery twice for a herniated disk that refused to mend on its own. My lifesaver, who prevented a third, was the Chiropractor. I go once a month, and it keeps me mobile.

  2. Well, the cranky doesn’t come through on the video 🙂

    Good luck with the MRI, perhaps you could create a visualisation to do while you’re in there… Anyhow, I’m overjoyed that you are honouring yourself and taking care of yourself!

    Hugs, C

  3. I love your Grandma. That is a great line. I am sorry that you are in pain. Wouldn’t it be nice if friends could team up and each take a little of it to make it better? Just for a little while to ease the rest of those muscles so they can rest. I’ve been playing with my diet and finding myself in similar crabby states. I think I am detoxing. I was so crabby that I wanted to run out in front of myself and warn people to get away from me. I-I-I wanted to get away from me, but sadly we are left with our own company on such days. Ah well, all things pass. Good luck with your MRI!

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