Weekly Tarotscopes 6-2/6-8-2013


    • AQUARIUS Five of Pentacles Better week for saving than spending. Energy may feel low so start conserving NOW. Some budget issues may show up. Save now.
    • PISCES Knight of Wands Follow your thoughts. Innovation is needed but you need to get moving. Stop pulling against your own brain! Let it lead.
    • ARIES Queen of Cups Offer emotional support when asked. Take the same when offered. You may find your intuition being louder than normal. LISTEN!

Have you grabbed your copy of my Fairy Tale Tarot Spreads book? Bonnie Cehovet and Mary Nale both gave it awesome reviews. Ten spreads to help you go deeper into introspective work with yourself or your clients.

    • Taurus Ace of Cups Good things coming. Stay open. Accept the unexpected friendship. Sometimes you find the greatest joy in the weirdest spots.
    • GEMINI Page of Pentacles Look for money-making opportunities. You must to get up & get moving. Money is available but you will have to focus on that.
    • CANCER Queen of Pentacles Nurture yourself. Show others how to nurture themselves. Good week to give/take a class on massage/yoga etc. Focus on body.

Check out my video reviews here. Recent additions include Magical Times Empowerment Cards (USGames) by Jody Bergsma and the Dream Raven Tarot (Schiffer) by Beth Seilonen. I also did a very intriguing oracle called the Maori Oracle (Schiffer) by P.A. Minnell.

    • LEO Knight of Cups Seeking love? Love may be seeking you. It’s a good time to stop looking so you can be found. Heart-led interactions are best.
    • VIRGO Ten of Pentacles Money is more available then you thought. It’s okay. It’s in your budget. Little savings now pay off big later.
    • LIBRA Page of Cups Emotional connections deepen. Find a new song about love if the old one is sad. Seek joy in your friends this week.

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  • SCORPIO Eight of Pentacles Thinking of learning something new? Great week to dive in. Take a class. Expand your skills. It will bring prosperity.
  • SAGITTARIUS Queen of Swords Mind your thoughts. Where they go, so do you. Emphasis on clear, logical thinking so stop chasing your own tail! Think into it!
  • CAPRICORN Tower Uh Oh. Don’t be too surprised when things don’t go as you planned. Have a back-up to your back-up please. Delays.

Faerie Tarot, Nathalie Hertz, U.S.Games

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Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

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