Will You Camoflage Today?

Maori_NgararaToday’s card is from a brand new oracle deck from Schiffer. It’s the Maori Oracle {aff| by P.A. Minnell. This is one of those decks where you actually DO need the book. 😀

“Sickness. Take better care of yourself and allow those around you to know their preciousness.”

My random draw is an interesting one since I am on my way to the doctor today. Have to discuss my back.

This card represent an animal thought to be a representative of the Maori God of Evil, Whiro.

So today let’s hold on to the knowledge that we are ambassadors of our own health. We have to know when to reach out to ask for help. We are fully in charge of taking care of us.

I do NOT believe illness is a choice. I do believe it is a manifestation of the world we live in. Sometimes our bodies are forced to live with other people’s poor choices. And sometimes it is our own poor choices. 😀

But this card also makes me think of the little anoles that run everywhere here in Texas. Most call them chameleons because they have the ability to change their color, but anole is the right name.

How will you change your color today? How will you manifest your own perception of your inner self in the outer world? Will you choose to camoflage or stand out? Either choice is right because it is your choice.

Today I choose to not blend in. Today I choose to be who I am as I see myself. Today I choose to live for me and to know my own preciousness.

Ngarara, Maori Oracle, Schiffer [aff]

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