Tarotscopes for May 26 – June 1, 2013

This week’s Tarotscopes for May 26 – June 1, 2013.


      • AQ PgPent Reach for what you want. Growth potential is HUGE but take baby steps. Have you actually ASKED for what you want? Do that.
      • PIC 9Pent Rx Hard work for you,dear. No stopping to smell the roses now. Get your butt in gear. Working shoes not party shoes!
      • ARI QPent Rx HEY! Guess what? It’s not your job to take care of everyone 24/7. Do something for you. Make you happy 1st. Please you!
      • TAU HPS Inner reflection time. Quiet your mind. Meditate on what moves/frees yr spirit. Good wk for seeking out Higher Power.
      • GEM Emperor Use your head but make sure your heart is involved. Family needs overshadow personal needs. Be bigger.

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    • CAN Strength Sometimes the small show the way. Leaving your base isn’t permanent but you do need to focus on upward movement.
    • LEO Hanged There are times when you need to take a pass on busy. This is one of those. Make your goal letting go of mind/body clutter.
    • VIR PgCps Party on, dude. Let your inner teen out. Let your emotional guards down. It’s okay to tell them that you love them.
    • LIB AcePent Don’t be surprised by a new opportunity. Examine it carefully. Don’t refuse it without examining it. Hidden treasures.
    • SCO 2Cps Rx Not the best week to work on partnership issues unless you can focus on just that. Better to work on self stuff for now.
    • SAG 6Cps Rx Better to give than receive at least this wk. Extend yr heart. Others may be stingy w/ theirs. Don’t follow their lead.
    • CAP 7Pent Yes, your hard work IS paying off. A small break is okay but don’t harvest too soon. More growth coming. Patience!

Image is from Dream Raven Tarot by Beth Seilonen (Schiffer Books 2013).

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