What Are You Worth?

zentangle5152013So today’s card is not a card from any published deck. It’s one from my maybe Tangled Oracle. 😀 It’s a simple phrase that I share, but not always an easy concept.

If we lived in a society where we bartered services, worth would have a different meaning. It might mean three cows, one chicken and a loaf of bread. It might mean a tire change and a new dress.

But we don’t so a lot of us think our worth is what we have in the bank or what we earn. We think it is the kind of car we drive or the brand of shoes on our foot. We think it is our neighborhood or even our neighbors. We think it is shiny and hard to attain.

When we work from that mindset, nothing is ever going to be worth it. No amount of dollars will ever equal what you are worth. If I offered you cash for your best friend, how much would you want? How much would I have to pay you to take away friendship from you?

Know your worth, babies.

It’s not money.
It’s not stuff.

It’s the people at your dinner table.
It’s the laughter on the phone.
It’s the photographs on your wall.

For your 180 second challenge today, I want you to spend that three minutes counting up your friends. Weigh that against what you think you should be worth.

Seek joy, y’all. It’s worth it. Pass it on.

Zentangle 5/15/2013, Stephanie Arwen Lynch

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