SPREAD: Processing The Hard Stuff

ten-earthSometimes we get hit with hard stuff that we have to process. This can be the unexpected loss of a job, our home, our committed relationship. It can be the death of someone we love or a beloved animal companion. We tell ourselves that we are bright, loving spirits and that nothing bad can happen because we are balanced. We are in the center. We are secure in knowing we have Universal approval. We are stunned when we get the 2×4 that says, “Yes darling, I love you but shit still happens. And, this round is on you. Love you. Mean it. Process it. See you when you get back.”

When that happens, even the most spiritually enlightened can be staggered by the hard stuff. It’s called hard stuff for a reason. And it’s a burden that we are given–most often without our permission or our choosing.

And, no, I don’t think we call the hard stuff into our lives. Change happens. It is as unavoidable as the sun setting and the moon rising. Like breathing in and breathing out, we walk into hard stuff all the time. It’s what happens when we choose to live a connected, loving life. It’s not a punishment–even though it often feels like one.

Being enlightened, as Buddha would remind us, still means we have to chop wood and carry water. Sometimes the buckets and loads of wood are heavier than we expect. This spread is my answer to my own questions about processing the hard stuff.

Processing The Hard Stuff Spread

  1. What is this stuff really about?
  2. What makes it so hard?
  3. What am I doing that is making it harder?
  4. What can I do to make it easier?
  5. How can I best support myself while I process this?
  6. Who can I turn to for support while I’m processing this?
  7. What will be the benefits of processing it?

Rather than share my own cards here, I’d love to do this reading for someone. If you are going through some hard stuff now, contact me using the contact button on the right. I’ll put your name into the hat and pull one name. I’ll do a reading for that person (free) and share it here (making sure any identifiers are pulled out so it is completely anonymous.)

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  1. Thank you Arwen for this spread. Two friends are going through some things and this spread will be perfect for me to use for their readings. Enjoy all your postings. BB

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