How Do You Deal?

OTM45_2Today’s card was intentionally chosen. I’m taking the day off from my day job (I work a 40 hr week in addition to writing and tarot conversations and one other job). I have a cold. Or…I hab uh col’. I’m stuffy and coughing and in general miserable. Plus? I’m not a good sick person. I want to do things even when I’m ill.

I’m not allowing myself to do that. I am finishing up today’s card of the day then going to lay on the couch and watch tv while I drink tea. I am going to nap. I am simply going to force myself to take it easy.

That’s hard for me. What about you? Are you able to take time off and not feel guilty about it? Are you like me? Do you hate wasting a day off being sick?

I could have gone into work and coughed my way through the day. I could have done the job half-assed potentially making other people sick.

I chose not to do that but I still feel like I should be at work. ARGH!

My 180 second challenge today is to examine those feelings of guilt. Why wouldn’t I feel worse about making other people sick? Why is it that I feel as if I’m letting my co-workers down?

What about you? How do you deal with forced days off?

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One thought on “How Do You Deal?”

  1. Hey, hey, Arwen. Thunder booming, rain falling here in Houston. Darkness at dawn, so to speak. Assume you had this earlier.

    Illness. Avoided whenever possible. Since I run a freelance editing biz at home, I don’t get that guilt feeling over letting down co-workers, but I do have great fears about not being able to meet client deadlines. With viruses, at first sign it’s time for Vitamin C, which, for me, shortens the viral cycle. I let hubby make me chicken soup and either take the day off if I can, or slow down my activity. The nice part is that rest seems to create quicker healing (duh!). 🙂

    Thank you for the sake of your co-workers that you are staying home. Fewer people would be sick with all sorts of things if folks just stayed home, and productivity would improve overall. But try to tell that to our workaholic society and the employers who buy in to the myth that sacrificing yourself to be at work actually improves the bottom line (not!).

    I’m still waiting for American society to chill out and get over their Puritan/workaholic obsession, but no sign so far…enjoy your rest!

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