Who Do You Believe In?

zentangle5042103Today’s card is not a card. It’s a Zentangle Quote. You will see that the design shows several paths. They all point the same way.

Or do they?

Maybe they point the direction you are heading. Maybe the person next you is heading a different direction. Maybe you are going the same way but wearing different shoes.

Do you think that makes a difference?

I do.

Do you think that makes one of the path walkers wrong?

I don’t.

There are many ways to get to where I think we are all going. That’s the Center for me. Others call it something else. And it’s all good.

As long as it is good.

I can’t, and won’t, deny that there are those who are on the wrong path. Those whose course needs correcting. Those whose journey seems to be a mission to hurt others.

I choose to make sure those I’m walking with are on journeys to the positive, the sacred, the good as I see it.

I think that a key part of that journey is to believe in yourself. I can tell you that I believe in you. That may give you a warm fuzzy inside. You can tell me that you believe in me. I know that gives me a warm fuzzy inside.

Still, when the leather hits the road, the only belief that keeps me moving is my own. I believe in myself. Better yet? I know.

Today I am a beautiful soul. I walk with grace and joy. I open my eyes to see fellow joy seekers. I hold out my hand to make a circle of opportunity. I am loved and loving. Today is a beautiful day. Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on!

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5 thoughts on “Who Do You Believe In?”

  1. Thanks for this! ๐Ÿ™‚ I just got back from a great hike and I’ve been spending a lot of time talking about this type of stuff with my friends.
    Visiting from UBC ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Good post.
    Nothing has a meaning for you until you give it one.
    Everything is true for you that you think is true for you.
    You are always “right” in that you make it so for yourself……even if to your own detriment.
    That is the different paths of which you speak.
    People are on them for all different reasons and for no reason at all. Most people just go through life on default until and IF something knocks them out of their unawareness.
    There are many paths and I personally do not care which one someone takes as long as, (like you) it is a joyful journey for them and others.
    However, most people are not on a joyful journey. Most people don’t even know how they got to where they are or will get to where they want to be so just keep moving along unknowingly.

    I hope all of them find someone to guide them just long enough that they know what they want and how to deliberately get there for sure.

    It can be done.


  3. I truly believe that we are all on our own paths, but have to disagree (despite the fact that what they’re doing may seem hurtful) that some people are on the wrong path. Instead, I see their path as a means to the lesson they are currently tasked to learn. We might not understand what it is, and, yes, choose to avoid them and their negative energy, but they are still on the path they need to be on for this moment in time. There are many paths to travel and no two will ever be quite the same. Maybe that’s part of what makes us all unique?

    1. I understand what you are saying. I’ll stick to the idea if the wrong path though. I can’t see the path of the abuser as anything other than wrong. I believe we can consciously step off the path we are meant to be on. I also believe that we should work to not do that. ๐Ÿ™‚

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