I Can’t Stand Them…I Think

WW29_1Today’s card is from a oracle deck. The artwork is simply gorgeous. Here are two representatives of the Corn Fairies from the Woodland Wisdom Oracle deck from U.S. Games. They stare at each other over wheat and poppies. I love how their pendants are showing a magnetic attraction even though their posture may look slightly defiant.

Have you ever met someone you instantly liked? What about someone you instantly disliked?

Me, too.

But what about someone you instantly liked then found out you actually did not like them? Or vice versa?

For me, that’s harder. That happened this weekend. I met someone whom I thought was just a delight but as I got to watch them in action, I found out I felt otherwise.

The key thing that made me decide to not want to get closer?


They were a mean person. They said things that just came across so meanly it made me gape at them.

I’m not sure why people have a need to be that mean. It wasn’t as if anyone was threatening this person. They were in a large group of very welcoming folk. But they were mean.

I’d like to say it was because of the alcohol but it wasn’t. They were mean with or without booze.

And I can’t figure out why.

But, smile, I don’t have to figure out why they chose to be mean. I simply chose to associate with others in the group who were not mean. We had a lot of new folks at the gathering which was a joy to me. I love meeting new people. And of course hanging with the folks I do know but don’t get to see? BONUS!

So what about you? Have you ever met someone you liked then disliked or disliked then liked? What was it about them that caused you to make that change?

Oh, I’m not talking about romantic interests here. Just people you thought of one way then had to change your mind.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Corn Fairy, Woodland Wisdom Oracle, U.S. Games

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand Them…I Think”

  1. Sad when it happens, but mean would definitely put me off someone who is otherwise intelligent and interesting 🙁 Lucky you to have been at Readers Studio – I’m green with envy! Ah well, at least I get to go to the UK Tarot Conference in October 😀

  2. I exactly had this happen very recently. I met someone in a group meeting situation and she communicated in a mean and nasty way to another so I wanted to put 500 miles between us. She started hanging around some of my events and was so nice to me that it made me feel like perhaps I had imagined the whole thing. She started to take my class and disliked something I had done (a very trivial thing) and I got to “enjoy” the full force of her ugliness, her meanness directed at me. It was as if she forgot all the other things I had done for her, helped her and said some pretty nasty things that were totally uncalled for. I was shocked. Yet another lesson in really, really listening to first impressions and my intuition about someone.

    Mainly, I feel sorry for her. She must be very miserable inside to be that mean on the outside. Meanness is usually a symptom of a greater problem or deficit in one’s life. This woman’s meanness only confirmed what I am guessing to be her own internalized beliefs about being deserving of love. Her actions got her banned from my Tarot meetup group; a sad but necessary protective measure.

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