Who Would You Protect?

Ogham_HawthornToday’s card comes from a deck I don’t own. It’s Ogham, the Celtic Oracle by Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott. With only twenty one cards, it’s small but I so want it! I’m fascinated by the Oghams.

Here we have Hawthorn. I don’t have the book so I can’t tell you all the symbols, but I imagine that might be Boudica in the lower right while on the left sits the Morrighan’s Raven. The bowl in the middle might be the Dagda’s never-emptying pot. That silver cloak pin is fashioned in the guise of the cover for the well at Glastonbury. And there sits on that high tor in the background what might be Glastonbury itself.

As a student of Wicca, I was taught various spells that use hawthorn. Most of them were protective in nature. I love the two trees on either side as well. They seem to be standing guard, don’t they?

Much of this card makes me think of those things I value enough to protect. My son (I didn’t give birth to him but don’t you dare hurt him). My animals (I would pick up a gun to defend them I think.) My friends (most of them can take care of themselves, but I get really cranky when folks talk badly about them.)

So what about you? If you were going to make and pass out hawthorn twig protections, who would you give them to and why? Take 180 seconds to think about that.

Oh, and when you are done? Take another 180 to tell me why you didn’t think of making one for yourself.

I didn’t. 😀

Why is that, I wonder. I’ll have to chew on that a bit. Do you have any ideas?

Hawthorn, Ogham: The Celtic Oracleby Peter Pracownik and Andy Baggott, USGames, 2005

One thought on “Who Would You Protect?”

  1. Ha ha. Well, I’d give twig protections to my son, and my mother for her health, stepdad for the same. As for why neither you nor I would think to make twig protections for ourselves, I think that’s connected to what you wrote in another post about being a grown-ass woman. We feel we should be able to take care of ourselves. In fact, woe betide anyone who tries to mess with us or our loved ones. They’d need protecting from us, rather than vice versa. Might not be totally realistic, but I like to think it’s a good mindset – we honour our strength and power 😀

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