Tarotscopes for 4/21-4/27/2013

So it’s another week another set of Tarotscopes. Y’all know I don’t ask for money for these, but today I am asking you for a favor. I’ve got two dear friends–one is an author, the other an artist.

I’m not asking you spend money if you don’t want. I am asking you to click both links to check out their work. If you like it or find merit in it, get it. If you can’t get it right now, tweet about it or Facebook it or Pin it. Social media does work but only if y’all help me spread the word. 😀

Seek joy, y’all!


    • AQUARIUS 10 Pentacles Money in the bank or in the mail. Celebrate your community. Get together with those you call family. Your strength this week lies in them.
    • PISCES Magician Will. You will it, it happens. Create what you want. Tools are there. You just need to USE them. Time to take action. Make it work.
    • ARIES Death What needs to be changed? What do you already know you must let go of? Cycles of completion. Release the husks. Move forward.

Time out to let you know that my friend, James S. Parker, has a second book coming out this summer. If you haven’t read Dark Side Of The Cross, I recommend it. It’s a mystery with an occult twist. I can’t wait to find out what MacBridan is going to do next.

    • TAURUS High Priestess So much beauty for you when you look within. How much time you waste looking for it in others. Turn your search inward. Wisdom exists.
    • GEMINI Ace of Swords That idea? That brilliant one you think no one will get behind? Let it out anyway. You will be surprised by who DOES support you.
    • CANCER King of Pentacles If you need something, ask for it. Generous pockets are there. Do take time to make sure your home & hearth are secure.

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Do you have anything special planned?

    • LEO Judgment Don’t despair. You can rise to the next level. Listen/look for that call. Climb up not down. Enlightenment happens.
    • VIRGO 4 of Cups Can you handle one more emotional burden? If you put down the useless ones, you can. You are stronger than you know. Just let it flow.
    • LIBRA Knight of Pentacles Move to the money. Stop chasing it. Slow & steady. It’s a long haul, but good things are coming. Goals need to be kept.

Do you blog? Come join the Tarot Blog Hop for the May hop. All community-minded folk are welcome.

  • SCORPIO 7 Cups Take some time to daydream. Then PICK ONE. 😀 Gossamer dreams need to be woven into sturdy fabric. Get moving. Just choose.
  • SAGITTARIUS Emperor Heavy is the head that wears the crown, eh? Instead of griping try celebrating that you have a head to wear one on. Blessed!
  • CAPRICORN 6 Wands Victory. Cream rises to the top. Let others give you their admiration. Lead them into new competitions. Winner all the way.

I’d love it if you would check out this project by my pal, Holden. He’s a glass artist trying to get funded for a kiln. His work is simply gorgeous. You can have a piece of it for supporting him. If you aren’t familiar with how Kickstarter works, check out this FAQ about backing projects. I’ve backed a number of Kickstarter projects and have loved what I’ve gotten (including the feeling of actually helping someone to better their own lives). Help Holden help himself, y’all.

This week’s deck is Pearls of Wisdom by Roxi Sim.

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