Trust Your Gut: Intuitive Tarot In Nine Weeks

There will be more information here shortly including snazzier graphics. Got questions? Read this then contact me . 😀

For now, know that this is a nine week class that will cover Tarot history (very brief), Tarot journals, my method of reading intuitively and exercises on all 78 cards. We will spend one week on each of the four suits, the major arcana, spreads and practicing. There will be bonus lessons as well.

I will have a private Facebook group that all students will be invited to join. I will have regular office hours. There will be scheduled Livestreams so you can discuss things with me in real-time.

You can expect to end your nine weeks with a solid knowledge of your deck including the confidence to read for others. We will be doing practice readings with each other.

You also will be doing a reading for me via Skype, Facebook video or phone so I can give you some one-on-one feedback. These will be scheduled and happen during the last week of class (and the week after if necessary.)

If you have any questions, please contact me.

The cost of this class is $199 for a one-time payment. The seven week payment plan is slightly more.

Pay on a seven week plan (must be paid in full by 9/30/2016)

7 Week Installment Plan

Pay a one-time enrollment fee.

Trust Your Gut Full