Fleeting, Flowers & Love

DSCF2940Today’s card is a present to you from me. I’m thrilled with beauty like this. It makes me soul sing. This is from my own back porch from August of this year. No matter where you are, take this simple thing as a moment of joy from me to you.

I hope that you know that you are loved. I hope that you know that joy and beauty are not fleeting. They simply transform into other things.

Like the caterpillar into the butterfly or the hibiscus flower into petals on the ground, each of us is constantly changing as well. Celebrate that newness. Celebrate those changes. Perhaps the person looking back at you in your mirror isn’t quite the person you expected to see when you imagined yourself years ago. Still, that person is loved and is loving.

Isn’t that enough in this world? Let this flower be the Ace of Swords today and think beautiful thoughts about yourself always.

Seek joy, y’all. Tell someone they are exactly who you need them to be. Pass it on.

Yellow hibiscus, 2012, Arwen Lynch

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