30 Minutes, Carpe & Riddles

30 Minutes, Carpe & Riddles

Today’s card reminds me of my first thought this morning. 30 more minutes. Just 30 more minutes. I only wanted 30 more minutes to snuggle in bed with my 12 year old cat curled up against me.

Then my mind started. I picked up my phone to check my mail, catch up on my WwF games, answer texts from my sister. Instead of actually taking that 30 minutes, I lolled in bed (I adore the sound of the word “loll”) but got some things done.

In a way, I grabbed that opportunity I had to snooze another 30 but turned it into relaxing in a different way. When I actually rolled out of bed, I didn’t have to face a ton of email. I had deleted most of it or marked “unread” what I needed to come back to.

The Wheel of Fortune is chance. It’s opportunity. It’s the ability to Carpe Diem (or Noctum if that’s your diurnal preference). You make the most of what comes your way.

I could have spent that 30 worrying that I was wasting time or that I needed to get up. I always have something that could be done. But I wanted to loll and my cat wanted to snuggle. He said so by piercing my arm with his nails as he played starfish paws. Owie!

Lisa Hunt’s Fantastical Creatures Tarot (reprinted in 2012 by US Games, thank you thank you thank you) depicts the Sphinx for the Wheel. An unusual choice if you consider the solid, unmovable nature of the Sphinx. But! Consider the riddles that the Sphinx was said to propose to the seeker. If you answered right, there was another riddle or maybe you got the treasure/knowledge you were seeking.

If you had an extra 30 minutes, what would you do with it?

Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on!

P. to the S., I pulled three cards from this deck last night while working on my Create An Incredible Year planner and got this as one of my answers. I’ll be chatting about this on a private Facebook group that’s for everyone who gets this fabulous planner.

Already have yours? Let me know. I’ll add you to the group.

The Wheel Of Fortune,Fantastical Creatures, US Games 2012, Lisa Hunt/DJ Conway, US Games 2012

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