Shells, Moments & Now

Shells, Moments & Now

Today’s card is from an unusual oracle I heard about from another Tarot reader. Each card shows a seashell. On the back of the card is the name of the seashell and what it means in a reading. I haven’t read with it yet, but I was intrigued when I drew this card.

The back states, “Miller’s Nutmeg trigonostoma milleri MEANING: Living in the now; detachment from past negative experiences and future expectations.”

The thing that jumped at me was the idea of detachment. Not from past experiences but from future expectations. What a simple way to live.

And how incredibly hard is that?

From birth we are always looking at the future. When will we learn to talk? To walk? When we will become a teenager? An adult? What will we hear when we go into work today? What about when we come home from work? Will traffic be a snarling mass of horns and temper on the way to the beach this weekend?

And on and on and on.

Ever stop and forget to start?


I mean not think about your next meal, the next page, the next word? Remember a time when you were in the moment without thought to the past or the future.

Maybe you were floating on a raft on a lazy Louisiana bayou. Maybe you were hiking through a piney woods on a September afternoon. Maybe you were watching your child run track at her school field day.

Hold on to that memory. Work to recreate it. As you read this, let go of what your day or night is supposed to look like. Accept that some of it will be good and some of it will be less good. Accept that this moment right now is for you. You don’t have to do anything else in this one space of time.

Be in the moment. Live in the now. It’s what the Buddhist student strives for. To be awake right now.

Joy. That’s joy, y’all. In this small moment of time, you have joy because you aren’t carrying worry forward or backwards. You just are. And that is enough, darling. That is more than enough.

Seek joy, y’all. Pass it on.

Miller’s Nutmeg, Ocean Oracle: What Seashells Reveal About Our True Nature,Atria Books/Beyond Words 2007

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