Stockpiling, Zombies & Joy

Today’s card makes me laugh even though I think it isn’t supposed to. A traditional meaning of this card is make a wish or getting one’s heart’s desire. I think this gal isn’t just hoping to get her desire. She’s planning on it.

Locked and loaded, the 9 of Coins from the Zombie Tarot by Paul Kepple and Stacey Graham (Quirk Books, 2012) shows a woman determined to stay alive. I think this is a fine example of how to put this card’s energy to good use.

I mean it’s grand to have a wish. It’s spectacular to know your heart’s desire. But what are you going to DO for it? Are you going to get active? Are you going to protect it from all comers (even brain-eating ones) once you have found it?

I don’t think our pretty woman is going anywhere. She’s got the radio to stay tuned to any broadcasts. Her back is to the sea. She’s got the pump action rifle in her hand. She’s wrapped up to stay warm. Now all she has to do is survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

What will you do to keep your heart’s desire? What actions can you take today to start stockpiling your own joys? Put some memories aside so when you have to hunker down for the hard part of this journey, you have some ammunition handy.

9 of Cups, Zombie Tarot, Quirk Books 2012

Seek joy, Y’all! Pass it on.

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17 thoughts on “Stockpiling, Zombies & Joy”

  1. I was going to say that I couldn’t believe there was a Zombie tarot deck, but you know – I’m actually not really.

    I think this is awesome with awesome sauce (and reminds me of the last wedding I went to, where the celebrant’s speech was all about how the right kind of love stops you turning into a zombie – complete with references to the Evil Dead movies!)

    And I love the grass roots practicality of your reminder too – I’ve just been wishcasting in my blog this morning, but Ms 9-of-coins reminds me that I need to do more than just wishing.



  2. I especially loved your last sentence: “Put some memories aside so when you have to hunker down for the hard part of this journey, you have some ammunition handy.” Such a good suggestion – when the going gets tough, remember why you’re on this path! Thanks for another great post, Arwen.

    1. When are people going to get it, you caonnt label the occult. The occult stands for hidden wisdom which nine our of ten people will never, ever understand. The occult isn’t fairy tales, but real spiritual and external intelligence. Albert Einstein had occult, magical knowledge. No one discovered what he did before he came out with his equations, yet people could understand. He was a spiritual man and his famous quote, the most beautiful thing we can experience is the unknown , proved that.

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