The Tarot Train Is Pulling Out! Are You On Board?

Allllllll abooooaaarrrrd! The Tarot train is leaving the station. First stop, Imbolc.

Allllllll abooooaaarrrrd! The Tarot train is leaving the station. First stop, Imbolc. What can you expect? Posts about candles. Oh yeah. Candles. And we have 36 people in this first round. Want to join us? Keep reading.


  1. What is a Tarot Round Robin?
    This sprung up out of an offhand remark made by me on a Facebook Tarot group page. A Tarot Round Robin is when a group of bloggers all blog on the same question/topic and link to the blogger before them and the blogger after them to create a Tarot Train.
  2. How can I join?
    2B1Ask1. Just ask. You do need an active blog.
  3. What is the next topic?
    That will be discussed on the group Tarot Round Robin HERE on Facebook
  4. When do we post?
    The time will be 12 noon UTC.To determine what your time is in UTC go to WorldClock. The date will be announced in the document for that round robin. The time is being voted on as of 1/22/2012 so this may change.
  5. What should I write about?
    Anything that involves the topic and Tarot or an Oracle of some type. The new topic is provided to the group each month.
  6. How do I link someone’s blog to mine?
    If you need help with HTML coding, is an excellent site. You can use the buttons/banners, below. The document that shows everyone’s names so you know who comes before and after you are on the Tarot Round Robin Facebook Page in the document section.
  7. I don’t have a blog but I want to start one. Where do I go?
    Go to Typepad or WordPress or Blogger to set up a free blog. Then come Join Up! Announce when you come that you’re interested in joining the train.
  8. Do you have buttons?
    Feel free to use any of the buttons or images that Donnaleigh de la Rose has so graciously created. She has helpful suggestions on her site.

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