POEM: Japanese Mermaids Don’t Sing

Mirror, Cover, Alone, More, Cold, Mermaid, Walk, Dive, Sea

Japanese Mermaids Don’t Sing

Sometimes I see glimpses of her
— Flashes of gold red black white —
Koi under lily pads floating cover.
Diving the depths again alone,
She’s a Japanese mermaid
Afraid to comb her hair any more.
Dropped her precious silver mirror
On his rocky stone cold heart.

Shall she attempt the pain again?
Divide her legs. Let her heart bleed
As she walks into love once more.
Mute because she gave it away
To the wrong handsome prince.
Or would it be better safer calmer
To dive again into that sea welcoming
Dark depths to hide her self that light
— Flashes gold red black white —
Lilies and koi hiding from the pain.

Stephanie Arwen Lynch

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