Oracles du jour: April 3, 2003


Your Daily Number: 5

Work-related travel is possible today, and good long term connections are likely to be made. You may dream up some very worthy money saving ideas, but hold off on sharing them with others until later. Today is an excellent day to focus on business.

Hmmm… we had a great meeting today for my department. I am going to have to make a call to home office about something. We shall see.

The emotional landscape changes today as you get a fresh breeze of reality blowing through the imaginal landscape of your inner mind. This reality check happens just in time, for you had lost sight of land and may have gone adrift without a compass to guide you. Now that you know a little more about what’s happening around you, it becomes apparent that there still isn’t a quick and easy decision to make that can get you through the thick of it. Take it a day or two at a time.

Imaginal? Is that even a word? LOL! I just looked it up. Do it. It is a word, but I don’t think he meant that. I wrote him to ask. A day or two at a time. Ok. I’ll try.

General Daily Overview
The Moon enters Taurus at 3:20 am EST, slowing us down enough so we can see where we are and take stock of where we are going. The problem is, with Venus forming an irritating aspect with expansive Jupiter, we can overestimate what we need. This sets circumstances into motion that pull us in over our heads, and then we must pull back. We can save some energy by limiting our sensory input. “Just enough” may even be too much. This whole “enough, too much” scenario is strengthened by Jupiter’s apparent change of direction, as he now turns direct.

SNORT. Overestimate?hee. That is SO true! Ebay is NOT my friend! lol! Luckily I got overbid.


Mental or emotional?
This influence can have a variety of effects. First of all, it can stimulate your appreciation of beauty, your interest in art, music or poetry. It may also indicate that you will tell someone that you love him or her or that you will discuss your relationship with someone. This influence works primarily upon the mind rather than the feelings and is often expressed as an intellectual appreciation of beauty. However, to a considerable extent it also removes the distinctions between mental and emotional. You may experience concepts with great emotional feeling or express emotions in an intellectual manner. The area in which feeling and intellect can best be synthesized is in the arts. Thus you are much more receptive than usual to experiences through art.

Transit selected for today:
Mercury Conjunction Venus exact at 08:53
activity period from 3 April 2003 to 4 April 2003.

Interesting. Here is that creativity thing yet again. As to discussing my relationship with someone, I am done with that. It doesn’t do a bit of good and all I get is ignored. Call me stupid, but when someone doesn’t respond to things, I take that as a big fat hairy “get the fuck out of my life”. I can do that. shrug. I just hate being hopeful. So I won’t be.


The Moon

May you have potent dreams.

I dreamed I found Buffy last night. 🙁 Not potent so much as sorrowful. I really miss that little guy alot. He was my pal.


stephanielynch’s Daily Metasymbology Card:The Jack of Clubs

The Jack of Clubs tells us that you will be dealing with some very creative and youthful energies. This is one of the most mentally creative cards in the deck and as such bestows a certain amount of success. This would apply especially to those involved in mental or communications-related occupations.

Of course, the Jack of Clubs is also the Personality Card for all males of the Clubs suit so this card could represent any Clubs male that you know playing a specific role in your life. In this regard, however, it is important to note that this would be that male operating out of the Jack side of his personality. The Jack of any suit is always romantic, creative, persuasive, and youthful, but also can be irresponsible, crafty or downright dishonest. In this regard, the Jack of Clubs is no exception.

Sigh. Mentally creative is good except when I am here at work supposedly working on WORK THINGS. As to that human… well, we shall see. Note to Holly aka KeiraCaitlyn, I will do this for a few weeks before giving you feedback. 😉

April 2, 2003

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