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6 of Wands Magical Forest Tarot
Today let’s visit Quirkeries, shall we? If you enjoy blogs that draw a card a day and comment on them, I think you will like this one. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest (I think), Quirk is not doing a basic journal on each card’s meaning.

Using a different deck each week or when it calls to her, she pulls the card (and for a long time I though Quirk was a boy–not sure why) then tells you what it means to her. For instance last Sunday the title of her post was “Led By The Nose.” You can tell she goes into some thought process about what to name each post.

I opened up the entry to be charmed by the 6 of Wands from the Magical Forest Tarot. Now Quirk did open up the post with what the card often means. Then she lets you into her mind to see her process. I am often taught gentle lessons on how not to be hidebound by Quirk’s posts.

These aren’t lengthy posts. More daily bon-dits on tarot as they apply to one woman’s life. Sometimes you will read about things going on with her, but rarely does she overshare (something I am very guilty of myself). The image of the card along with her views on what it means for her is what drives this blog.

What sold me on Quirk’s blog (I found it on a search when I first started my own Tarot blog this past May) was the quote on each post. I collect quotes. They often are my starting point for a spread design or a blog entry on one of my writing blogs. You can find quotes from the Bhagad Davita to Mark Twain and in between. The eclectic quality of this blog is plainly reflected in the title, “Quirkeries.”

Black Moon Moon OracleFrom brilliantly self-effacing quips such as

I’m reminded by this card I have a long way to go, but one of the discoveries I’ve made is inner joy and temporary happiness are two separate things. (July 10)


Yes, bad things happen to good people, but I’m reminded by this Queen that God gives us the face we are born with, we create the face and personality we die with. The past is a dead horse and obsessing about it will forfeit today. Life experiences are part and parcel of existence. Live? Or just Exist? The choice is ours each and every morning. What will you do today that will enrich your life? May 7)

10 Stones Tarot of Oz

You can be assured of finding something that speaks to you in the insightful, endearing blog that is Quirkeries. Go visit today! Tell her Arwen sent you.

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Arwen is a published romance author writing as Marilu Mann as well as author of non-fiction like the Fairy Tale Lenormand (art by Lisa Hunt). As past president of the American Tarot Association (2007-2014), Arwen worked with an actively engaged board to rekindle that organization. A professional joy seeker, Arwen helps her clients find their joy again in jobs, relationships and life. "Seek joy, y'all" is a motto known to many because of Arwen's heart-felt desire to help others.

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