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Name that tune!

Fives! Why do I keep pulling fives? Not just of one suit either? See there is a blog I enjoy that does a “Pick A Card For The Week”. Tarot Table Talk by Susan Gold posts 6 cards each week and asks you the reader to pick one based on the look of the card. For the past two weeks I’ve picked Fives.

And not on purpose. Fives numerologically can be, to me, fussy cards filled with too many things going on. I am a person who likes a more simple life so the fives just drive me bonkers! Ancestral Path Tarot

Here are some key words for fives: Bold. Restlessness to the point of boredom. Easily side-tracked. Take chances.

Art Noveau TarotAnd I can right away see why fives and I don’t like to get along. I am already easily side-tracked.

Oh look! An otter!

Sorry. What was I saying?

Merryday TarotRight… distraction. Well you see how it is, right?

When I am writing, I have to have complete silence. I don’t like music or the tv or the radio or other people’s voices. Even the sweet laughter of small children can make me cranky when I am writing.

Fives are about noise to me. So why am I picking fives all the time lately? If I am honest, I think it is because I am avoiding work on all levels. My house reflects that. My day job reflects that. My writing life reflects that. Even my tarot life reflects that.

I need to start pulling myself out of some things and get back to the work-happy four that I need to be right now. One thing I am working on is writing these blog entries in advance so I don’t look down and say, “Oh heck! I haven’t blogged in a week.” I want this blog to stay fresh.

How do you “unprocrastinate” or “declutter” your life?

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Arwen is a published romance author writing as Marilu Mann as well as author of non-fiction like the Fairy Tale Lenormand (art by Lisa Hunt). As past president of the American Tarot Association (2007-2014), Arwen worked with an actively engaged board to rekindle that organization. A professional joy seeker, Arwen helps her clients find their joy again in jobs, relationships and life. "Seek joy, y'all" is a motto known to many because of Arwen's heart-felt desire to help others.

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