Testing A New Toy

I am testing a new toy. I have just added ScribeFire to my FoxFire browser. Apparently I can now blog to which ever Blog I like. This is groovy! This means I can tell those folks on my MySpace that I have a new blog here. Oh I’m loving this! This going to be a huge time saver for me.

You see, I am the Queen of Wands when it comes to blogging… or is that the 10? I have five places I blog. One is a once a month group blog (<a href=”http://romeroticawriters.blogspot.com”>Romerotica Writers</a> where Cai and I blog as Marilu Mann on the 3rd of the month. Then there is <a href=”http://marilumann.blogspot.com”>Marilu’s</a> blog that we try to keep up. Add to that MySpace, LiveJournal and this Tarot blog and you can see where I am juggling a few writing wands. 🙂

So how do you view yourself? Do you ever think “I am having SUCH an Emperor day” or “What a perfect 9 of cups date”? Or am I just weird.

Wait. Don’t answer that. We KNOW I’m weird. LOL What about you?

P.S. ROCK ON! I can even tag and postdate apparently. I’m going to test the postdate out in a moment.

Happy happy happy geeky Arwen

Thanks for following and liking me!

Author: TarotByArwen

Arwen is a published romance author writing as Marilu Mann as well as author of non-fiction like the Fairy Tale Lenormand (art by Lisa Hunt). As past president of the American Tarot Association (2007-2014), Arwen worked with an actively engaged board to rekindle that organization. A professional joy seeker, Arwen helps her clients find their joy again in jobs, relationships and life. "Seek joy, y'all" is a motto known to many because of Arwen's heart-felt desire to help others.

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