DECK REVIEW: The Mystic Dreamer Tarot

The Fool Mystic Dreamer TarotMystic Dreamer Tarot, by Heidi Darras

The Dreamer’s Journal, by Barbara Moore

Llewellyn Worldwide, September 2008

ISBN 9780738714363

From the soft-sponged pink of the box to the muted quiet, almost diffident, cards, the Mystic Dreamer Tarot is a very feminine deck. On my first pass through this Tarot deck from Llewellyn, I was struck by all the female faces gazing back at me. The second time through, I focused on what are traditionally depicted as masculine cards, such as the Five of Wands or the Seven of Swords.

Females rule this deck of dreamers. There is a languid, liquid feeling that is enhanced by the soft art of Heidi Darras. Darras is a self-taught digital artist who thanks the wildly popular Deviant Art site for her inspiration and focus. In the book she talks about how she turned to computer art while her child slept. I think you can pick up that …Read the full review here.

This review is in the Spetember 2008 edition of the free online publication of the American Tarot Association. I hope you will leave your comments on that article (look for the link at the bottom). I will stop by to engage in discussion.

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