SPREAD: This Life’s Spotlight by Peridot

Peridot mentioned her new blog so I went off to check it out. It’s a brand new blog where she explores various aspects of the Tarot. I was very impressed with this blog! And I found a spread she created that I thought I’d highlight over here.

I’m doing this reading with Kat Black’s Touchstone Tarot. I’d love to share some of these cards with you, but my scanner is once again not talking to my computer. I wish they could work out their differences. These marital spats are really beginning to work my last nerve.

This Life’s Spotlight Spread

created by Peridot

1. What I’ve arrived in this life to initiate (Main Intention/Wands)

Card: Page of Swords. Here we have a very intense looking young man. There is a shelf full of books and things. A butterfly is pinned to the wall of the shelf. There are keys hanging on the shelf below. He has a sword in his hand but scrolls rest hear his other arm. I get a feeling that he is torn between action and thought at this point. Definitely a learner but also a doer. For me he looks like a messenger waiting to be told where to go. But this is what I’ve arrived in this life to initiate. Perhaps it is my own need to take the knowledge I have and give it to others. I am always teaching. Even when I’m just having a conversation, I tend to offer extra bits of knowledge so folks can have take-aways if you will. Teach. That’s what I’ve arrived in this life to initiate. And for me, I do a lot of that through my classes and books.

2. What I’ve arrived in this life to feel (Main Experience/Cups)

Card: The Happy Squirrel. Ok this absolutely cracked me up, y’all. This card is an extra card in the Touchstone Tarot. I believe it comes from The Simpsons. I know I read about it on the Touchstone thread on Aeclectic, but I can’t remember. Here are two people. One is a palmist reading the palm of another. The reader is female while the querent is male or dressing male, I can’t tell. There is a crystal ball on the table as well as… you guessed it, a squirrel. It makes me grin. The squirrel is quite content to nibble on something while the humans try to figure out life and love and all things in between.

For me, this card tells me that I am here to feel. To experience life in all its variances. And to enjoy where I am in that moment. A longtime personal motto of mine has been “bloom where you are planted” and I have tried to do that. Sometimes I’ve gone dormant, but I really do try to bloom.

So I had to go look it up. This line is from the Simpson’s episode where the Happy Squirrel shows up “The cards are vague and mysterious.” And isn’t that the truth. So apparently I’ve arrived in this world to feel vague and mysterious? 🙂 Whatever I am here for, I think this card captures the idea that you need to live and laugh more no matter who you are.

3. What I’ve arrived in this life to learn (Main Lesson/Swords)

Card: Wheel of Fortune. Oh this one I get. The wheel of life turns constantly. It’s up to me to jump on and get what I want. If I sit back and watch the wheel keep turning, I’ll be a sightseer in my own life. I have to get involved, take action, speak for myself. I need to not let others tell me what I want and to take steps to achieve what I want. This is a very intriguing Wheel of Fortune card. My eyesight is getting to where I can’t see as well as I used to. I really like this card. The wheel itself is made up of various figures. It looks a great deal like a roulette wheel to me. I have arrived to learn that the wheel turns with or without me. It’s up to me to get involved.

4. What I’ve arrived in this life to attain (Main Achievement/Pentacles)

Card: 10 of Cups. Well isn’t that the truth. Here is the quintessential happy family card. A man, a woman, a baby, a young girl, a dog all sit beneath a rainbow decorated by 10 cups. And this is a very true thing for me. Interesting that this card is the achievement of the energy of cups in this position of achievement in coins. I’ve always considered it more important to be emotionally happy than financially happy. Both are nice, but if I can only have one, I’d rather the emotional fulfillment.

What a lovely little spread! I hope you will try this one out. If you do, tell me about it but also share it with Peridot, won’t you? I’m sure she’d love to hear about it as well.

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