Dumpsters, Hula Hoops and Fate

In the world of randomness, I am an avid dumpster diver particularly on “move in/out” weekends. This weekend scored me a really nice vanity mirror with no frame but in perfect condition. I gave that to a particularly crafty friend who already has grand ideas for it.

Then today I noticed what looked likea hula hoop at the dumpster. I was on my way to the movie (Prince of Persia–two thumbs up) so I checked when I got back.

MAJOR SCORE! Not a hula hoop like a child uses but a hooping hoop plus six pieces of 3/4 inch tubing to make hoops. I was jazzed. So I scooped them up then listed them on my Austin Hoopers Meet-Up list. A lovely gal emailed me then came over. While we talked, she offered to MAKE me a hoop from one. W00t! And she runs a meetup in the morning that I can go to. So I’m really happy.

But wait! It gets better. She is also into Tarot so we started talking cards. She came in my apartment (which means she had awesome energy) to see my Gaian Tarot (which she loved, of course.) She had her cards with her and brought them in. It was Kat Black’s Golden Tarot so I pulled out the Touchstone Tarot. I have the LE and the mass market. She was so in love with them that I gave her the mass market version.

I think I made a new friend. All because I watch what people throw out. How cool is that? I like when Fate does that to me. It’s nice.

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