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You may have noticed that my blogroll (links I love) has gone missing. That is because I had a Reversed Page of Swords moment wherein I deleted them by accident. I was curious about what a certain setting did and didn’t back up before I experimented. WHOOPS. NO NO ARWEN! Not that button!

But…you guessed it. I hit that button anyway. The Page of Swords can be that mentally curious and creative individual who doesn’t always take that necessary moment to reflect before doing. I sure didn’t!

 SOOO! Here’s where all y’all come in. I am going on vacation for a bit. While I am gone, I want you to leave me a comment with your favorite blogs that I should not miss. 

Because I will not be as available this also means that your comments may not show up immediately. My spam catcher (Akismet) sometimes gets a bit over-zealous.  I’ll approve on the road as much as I can.

I’m interested in astrology, Tarot (duh), knitting, Louisiana, funny blogs like CakeWrecks, FUPenguin, Pioneer Woman Cooks etc. So don’t limit yourself or me!

When I get back, I’ll go through them and add the ones that appeal to me. 

OH! Do not leave yourself out. If you have a blog, let me know about it! Help me help my inner Page of Swords who is that childlike curious part of me. Feed me, Seymour!

BYE! See you in a week or so. OH! Do not miss Friday.  I have that post ready to go. It’s a great character reading with a vampire who likes to surf.

No joke!

Thanks for following and liking me!

10 thoughts on “Blogroll Shout Out”

  1. Hi Arwen,

    Wanted to let you know that I am posting once again on my Tarot Table Talk blog, which has moved to I’d love to have you stop by!

  2. I came here to see if anyone had listed any of the blogs that I read, and find a few more to add to my own reading list.. I’m never going to get away from this computer. 😉

    I’m not plugging my own blog, because I hardly ever write there, and have been thinking about making it private again. I have a list of blogs that I read, listed on the right side, though… ( I don’t know why your blog isn’t listed, because I’ve been reading here for a while now. Helen’s blog (above) is one of my favourites. A few that need to be added to my list, are:

    Jase on Cards (new to me):

    The Tarot Key:

    Tweeting Tarot:

    Tarot By Celeste:

    Tales From Echo Canyon:

    Suzie Ridler:

    Sherry Tarot-Zoned:

    Diary of a Self-Portrait: (one of my favourite non-tarot blogs)

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