TarotCopes for Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2014

Here are your TarotCopes for Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2014. Thanks for sharing them.

Gaian Tarot Six of Water
Gaian Tarot Six of Water
Gaian Tarot

Welcome to this week’s TarotCopes, y’all. I hope last week brought you joys large and small. Remember that one of the secrets to being a professional joy seeker is to actively identify all the joys–the smallest ones can add up!

P.S. I won NaNoWriMo 2014. My secret weapon here.

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Now for this week’s TarotCopes! And don’t miss the survey at the bottom. You could win a full year’s subscription to my 2015 TarotCopes Monthly podcast.

CARD OF THE WEEK: SIX OF WATER Hold your hand out to a friend. Walk down memory lane a bit. Experience joy through nostalgia.

AQUARIUS THREE OF AIR Writing it out helps. Letting it out on paper, then sending it up in smoke releases you from the pain. Let it out, darling.

PISCES TEN OF FIRE Sometimes you have to let go of everything in order to gain anything. Time to burn away the unnecessary. Stop feeling obligated!

ARIES FIVE OF AIR Join with others to create a voice that can be heard. Competition serves to strengthen you this week. Stand up for what’s right.

TAURUS EIGHT OF AIR Listen then speak. Best to allow others time to vent. You don’t own their anger. Listen, filter. Your best role this wk.

GEMINI SEVEN OF FIRE What’s hot? What’s not? Work with your passion. Handcrafted gifts are great but start this week. Carpe Diem, baby!

CANCER CANOE Whether you like it or not, you must take the lead this week. Marshall your forces then lead the charge. Time to get moving.

LEO ACE OF WATER Emotional risks are scary because you know what pain feels like. Luckily you also know what love feels like. It’s worth the risk.

VIRGO HIGH PRIESTESS The question holds the answer. Seek on an intuitive level. Dive deeply into self to find the truth that was already there.

LIBRA GUARDIAN OF FIRE Sometimes you have to feed your own passion to help the fire grow. Stop tossing logs at it. Use kindling please.

SCORPIO THE TREE Time to slow your roll, precious. Give yourself a time out so you can refill your batteries. Sacrifice your need to fix others.

SAGITTARIUS THE HERMIT Feel the need to reinvent yourself? Go back to old journals. Remember old goals. Now change them to fit you now.

CAPRICORN TEN OF WATER Happy home week. Revisit why you love where you are. Reconnect to your emotional roots. Reestablish family boundaries.

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Card used with permission: Six of Water, Gaian Tarot, Joanna Powell Colbert

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