Tarotscopes for March 2-8, 2014

Portico Tarot by Elizabeth Leggett

Here are this week’s Tarotscopes for March 2-8, 2014.

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Portico Tarot by Elizabeth Leggett

  • AQUARIUS NINE OF SWORDS Don’t let worry become an addicition. Break free of the mind rats that gnaw at your peace. Too much thinking frazzles.
  • PISCES FIVE OF SWORDS Careful your thoughts don’t trap you. Cutting your nose to spite your face is just silly. Open your brain. THINK.
  • ARIES THE EMPEROR Strength applied wisely increases your power. Not wisely? Yeah…that. Focus on building your personal success first.
  • TAURUS THE LOVERS Leave a chair open for someone to join you. Stop closing off. Solo isn’t the only way to live. Choose a table w/ two chairs.
  • GEMINI TWO OF PENTACLES Juggling comes naturally. Use all your skills this week to make home balance with work and vice versa. Balance, dear.
  • CANCER TEN OF WANDS Passion can weigh you down if you try to do it all. Make a list. Prioritize. Bungee before sushi. No new tasks this week.
  • LEO KING OF WANDS Lead with your heart. Light the path with your smile. Big events require all your energy. Smile. They will follow joyfully.
  • VIRGO KNIGHT OF WANDS Expect new horizons. Fast times force you to get engaged. Put your goggles on and face the winds, darlings. FLY.
  • LIBRA SIX OF CUPS Old friends turn up. You may find old photos reminding you of them. Reach out to connect. Someone may need you more than you know.
  • SCORPIO TWO OF SWORDS Face off within your self. Decisions have to be made. Are you listing all the reasons pro/con? Make it happen. Choose.
  • SAGITTARIUS ACE OF PENTACLES So much potential. Reach inside to find that creative spark. You can start that business, paint that picture…
  • CAPRICORN KNIGHT OF SWORDS Mental decisions must be made about where you need to be. Things may move faster than you like. Rushing to get it done.

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