Tarotscopes for 9/15-9/21/13

FradellaAdventure_DeathHappy Sunday, y’all. You may have noticed that I didn’t post on the blog this week. My apologies! I did post over on Facebook but neglected to mirror here.

This week’s deck is the Adventure Tarot by Frank Fradella. Frank is off on a new project called LINGO Interactive. Pretty cool stuff happening!

I’m gearing up for the Spiritual Path to Tarot Telesummit hosted by Kim Wilborn. It kicks off tomorrow with two cards per day M-F until 10/1. It’s free to listen. Sign up here.

So how was your week? If you feel like a little guidance would do you a whole lot of good, take advantage of a fifteen minute reading for $25. I’ll be phasing those out and raising my prices 10/1, just so you know.

      • AQUARIUS DEATH Stop it. Make the necessary changes now. Painful realization this week brings new growth. Embrace it or deny it. It’s coming.
      • PISCES FIVE OF DISCS Pay attention to money. Don’t fritter it away. Be strict. Ask for help if you need it. Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul.
      • ARIES TEN OF STAVES Yes, you actually can do it all. Multi-tasking the multi-tasks is your strength. Super busy week. Say yes and get it done.
      • TAURUS KING OF DISCS Money needs to be made. Focus on your strengths. Don’t undersell yourself this week. You have the talent. Make it work.
      • GEMINI FIVE OF BLADES Let go of ideas of self that no longer serve. Cut away what and who that doesn’t support your vision of you. Time is now.
      • CANCER THREE OF STAVES It’s called a leap of faith for a reason. Don’t hold back from that dream. All in or all out. You will succeed if you commit.
      • LEO HANGED MAN Sacrifice means actually letting go. Give it away to get it back. Time for you to focus on you if you want to grow. Alone time.
      • VIRGO FOUR OF SWORDS Please take some down time. It’s badly needed, isn’t it? Focus on taking care of yourself. Ignoring pain doesn’t make it go away!
      • LIBRA SEVEN OF STAVES Take the higher ground. Stay there. Don’t be defensive but don’t stoop to their level. Time to stand your ground.
      • SCORPIO FOUR OF STAVES Expect stability. Set up boundaries that will maintain your happy place. Others will just have to respect that.
      • SAGITTARIUS ACE OF MASKS Open up to possibilities. Allow love out to allow love in. Your heart wants to come out and play. Let it.
      • CAPRICORN DEVIL Inner struggle with self brings some interesting results. Might want to let your inner bad child out to play a bit this week.
2013 Tarot Telesummit
Will you join me at the 2013 Tarot Telesummit?

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Seek joy, y’all! Pass it on.

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