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Here is a young blog but one I read frequently. I met Jen on Twitter (yes, I adore Twitter). When I saw her post about her blog, I went by. I told her then I loved her blog and hoped that she kept it up.

Normally I wait for a blog to have an established archive etc. I have to share this one though. Tarot & Pendulum Practice is unique in that Jenn combines a pendulum reading with her tarot readings. Not every time but often.

This is not Jen’s only blog (do check out Confessions of a Fat Chick while you are there) so you may not find daily posts (oh wait… you don’t find daily posts here either. ha! ) Still when she does post, you get a lot from her entries.

Take this short post from October 1 which is the first post, I believe. Jen also needs to set up an archive for easier searching on her blog. She often does bullet points of meanings, message and analysis. The following analysis is on the Chariot.

Analysis: If I can get past the anxiety of going back home to do transcription, I will be able to let go enough to let things fall into places like they are meant to be.

You will want to read the full post to see how this fits into the Chariot, but it does work. You can find posts on daily cards, pendulum work and various spreads Jen finds. She is very open about sharing her
thoughts and views on what she finds in these exercises.

Jen is an accomplished writer. I think you will find much to love about this spot on the Internet. I do hope you will take the time to drop by and if you do, mind your manners and say hello to Jen. 🙂 It’s the polite thing to do!

Tarot & Pendulum Practice is a blog I recommend.

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One thought on “Other Blogs: Tarot & Pendulum Practice”

  1. Wow!! Thanks, Arwen. 😀

    I’ve been a bit remiss in posting since Thanksgiving because I’ve been home more than I’ve been at the office in town. I like to post pics of the CotD with the entry and I can’t do that with dial-up. But I’ll start doing the posts without pics through the holidays.

    Ummm….I haven’t set up a searchable archive because I don’t know how. *s*

    Seth, hope to see you stop by!


    Jen´s last blog post..Thanksgiving Spread

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