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AT is not a blog per se. Most people would call it a bulletin board if they are old like me or maybe a forum if they are more “with it.” I found AT in May of 2003 and never looked back. Can’t remember how I found it but I know it fit every thing I was looking for in a Tarot home.

Free to join, you can access most of the site but to get posting rights in some of the forum threads, you do need to be a paying member. It’s hard to say what the best part of Aeclectic Tarot is. That’s like asking me what’s the best part of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, right? It’s all got good points.

I think I first found AT because I was looking for a review of a deck. That’s one of the true gifts to the Tarot community. More deck reviews with pictures than you can shake a stick at! If I’m not mistaken, Solandia has gathered up over 1000 decks in her “little” deck area.

Solandia would be the owner and hostess of AT. Oh and reviewer and developer and newsletter writer and…

Well you get the picture. Solandia keeps herself pretty busy! She and her team of moderators ride herd on a large, diverse group of Tarot enthusiasts. Some big names in Tarot hang out on AT as well. You can find folks like Mary K Greer among others. It’s an even playing field though. You can share your thoughts and feelings without fear of someone putting you down or saying you are wrong.

I really enjoy the Spreads forum because there are always people there sharing new designs. Like I said yesterday, AT is the first place I felt safe enough to put forth my own spreads. Or you can find me lurking in the Tarot Trading threads which is simply a dangerous place for a collector like me. I actually have built the majority of my collection by finding others trading or selling decks.

So come to Aeclectic Tarot and take a look around. If you are a member there already, say hello! If you are joining, tell them arwennightstar sent you. That’s my user name.

So, do you AT?

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2 thoughts on “Other Blogs: Aeclectic Tarot”

  1. How can one not AT!!!! Yep, it’s also been the contributing factor to my growing collection! I wouldn’t be without AT even if I don’t frequent the halls as much as I used to many moons ago. And of course, not forgetting all the friendships that are forged there 🙂

    x Mouse

    Mouse´s last blog post..Gratitude Journal – 28 Nov

  2. Grin! I so agree! There have been times when I wasn’t as present there but I always knew I could head back. I’ve been a member for a while because I really believe in what Solandia is doing!

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